Aquaponic Systems Around the World

When we started in Aquaponic just over four years ago there were less than a hundred videos on YouTube. Today November 10, 2015 there are 243,000 videos when you type in Aquaponics

It would be impossible to list all the places there are aquaponics systems. The exciting thing is that people are waking up to the need to claim food freedom and security in unprecedented numbers. It wasn't long ago that almost everything anyone ate was grown less than three miles away. Now we sip wine in Maine that was shipped from Australia. We eat sauerkraut grown next to lead smelters in China with our hot dogs. 

While Aquaponics is not the total solution for food independence it  is a start. The fact that you can begin to grow some herbs in your efficiency apartment in the middle of winter in Detroit should give you hope.  We were told that if New York City put aquaponics system on every flat roof in the city they would be exporters of vegetables. I'm not sure who did the math on that factoid but I'm sure if you added in all the vacant properties it would be true. 

The other aspect is that our children are disconnected from the growing cycle and aquaponics is a fun and easy way to bring them into the loop of how the nature world works. If it's just a five gallon aquarium you pick up at a thrift store and a home made tray with some gravel and some wheat grass they at least get to see how they get their food. Who knows where it will lead.  

Where is your aquaponic system going to be?