About Us

Heaven and earth aquaponics started as a dream almost 5 years ago. We were living in Tucson, AZ at the time and I started a garden in our back yard. After receiving a $400 water bill for water a small garden I began to investigate another way of gardening in the desert. Through a series of providential events I was led to Casey Townsend the man behind the Tucson Aquaponics Project. After learning about many different systems and the the production available through aquaponics we decided to move to the Dallas area.

Here we met Bonnie Hanzen of "The Ahava Foundation". She has been involved in aquaponics for almost 30 years. She first started a one way aquaponic system using her pond water on her trees and garden. Now we are connected with companies, governments, and everyday folks around the world.

We hope you find everything you need here at Heaven and Earth Aquaponics to start your journey toward food security and safety.

Here a short video to see the potential of aquaponics.




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